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Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products
Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products
Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products
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Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products Manco Systems Products
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Hand-Held 2D Reader, omni-directional scanning, support most popular 1D, 2D, stacked and Postal codes, autodiscrimination of linear and 2D codes, image capture, intuitive aiming, multi-standard interface


Industrial laser scanner, 2 meters drop resistance, 3 optics available, tethered and cordless models. Cordless model: Point to Point & Multipoint transmission with seamless roaming, 100% compatible with Star System™, 100% compatible with DLL6xxx-R.


The new DS8100A is a top performing fixed position laser bar code reader, purposely designed to satisfy the needs of Sorting applications for the Transportation & Logistics market.


The new DX8200A is a top performance omni-directional laser bar code scanner, purposely designed to satisfy the needs of sorting applications for the Transportation & Logistics market

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IMAGETEAM™ 5800 High Performance Industrial Linear Imager

Hand Held Products' IT 5800 Industrial Linear Imager delivers all the performance you’ve come to expect from Hand Held Products with the added benefit of an industrialized housing that’s built to withstand real-world conditions.

With no internal moving parts, the IT5800 can handle extreme temperature variations, dirt, dust, and moisture that can stress the average bar code reader - ideal for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, and forklift applications

IMAGETEAM™ 3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager

Do you want to eliminate the possibility of an operator pulling on the cable, stretching it near moving machinery and creating a safety hazard? The host computer is up to 100 feet (30 m) away, and you can’t reach the keyboard or see the screen. Imagine interacting with the host computer as if you were standing beside it. The cordless IT3875 provides a portable interface to the host, and is capable of real-time bi-directional communication

IMAGETEAM™ 3800LR General Purpose Linear Imager

Renowned for its legendary durability, the IT3800LR handheld linear imager combines a bright, sharp aiming line with extended reading distance capabilities to deliver exceptional performance in any lighting conditions.

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Sabre 1551E

Integrated Decode Laser Scanner

The Intermec 1551E is the first Sabre handheld scanner capable of consistently reading both linear and PDF417 codes at high speed. The 1551E is an impressive combination of comfort, durability and performance.  And of course the “E” stands for easy setup with Intermec’s EasySet® configuration software free of charge.

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MS9520 Voyager® and
MS9540 VoyagerCG®

  • Automatic trigger operation
  • Decodes all standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS Limited, and RSS expanded bar codes
  • Firmware updates via Flash ROM
  • Custom edit the bar code data
  • User-replaceable, single cable interface to host
  • Easy programming useing Windows® software or bar codes
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The MS-4 is designed specifically for embedded bar code applications. It is the ideal imager for OEM design engineers who need to read 2D codes in tight spaces, while still requiring 100% data integrity.


  • Up to 10 decodes/second
  • Read range: 2 to 6" (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
  • Read performance LEDs
  • Internal diagnostics

Quadrus MINI

The Quadrus MINI is the world’s smallest high resolution imager and the first to offer true autofocus for ultimate flexibility in factory automation and electronics product identification.

  • True Autofocus
  • Up to 10 decodes/second
  • Focal range: 2 to 6" (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
  • Read performance LEDs
  • Internal diagnostics


The MS-860 makes reading bar codes and stacked 2D codes easy. Push-button calibration and a fully programmable feature set enable you to quickly and easily configure the scanner to meet your needs. Raster settings are programmable to read multiple symbols at different locations or at varying distances.


  • Scans/second: 300-1200
  • Read range: 1 to 47" (25 to 1193 mm)
  • Laser/Raster Framing
  • Real-Time Feedback
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PowerScan® Standard Range/High Density Industrial Bar Code Scanner

PowerScan®: Setting a New Standard

The PowerScan family of handheld laser bar code scanners has been specifically designed "from the ground up" to meet the demands of industrial users. In this tough environment, the right tool makes all the difference. With a PSC PowerScan scanner on the job, you'll have one of the toughest, most reliable tools around.

Ideal For

  • Warehousing & Outdoor Use
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Package Distribution
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Heavy-Duty Manufacturing

QuickScan® QS6500 Linear Imager

The QuickScan QS6500 is PSC’s newest general purpose handheld scanner, featuring the latest in linear imaging technology. For retail, office, healthcare and light industrial customers looking for a handheld scanner that has premium performance and durability at an affordable price, the QuickScan QS6500 offers the best price/performance in the market.

  • Aggressive linear imaging performance with
    up to 15"/38 cm reading on 100% UPC labels
  • Supports RSS and PDF-417 for future industry compatibility
  • 2005 Sunrise compliant
  • Multi-interface solution supports all popular host terminal interfaces
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades
  • Built tough to withstand common POS abuse for many years
  • Attractive, yet durable design to complement your point-of-sale

QuickScan® QS2500 Linear Imager Handheld Scanner

Ideal for:

  • Retail applications
  • Health care
  • Inventory
  • Office automation
  • Document tracking
  • Light industrial


  • Agressive reading and an extended depth-of-field
  • Reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), PDF417 and linear codes for flexibility
  • Ergonomic "aim and shoot" design
  • Reliable and durable, providing long lasting performance
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Cordless Ring Scanner (CRS) Series 9

Tired of picking up and putting down a scanner every time you need to scan a bar code? The new CRS 9P eliminates this process by giving you back both hands to handle materials, goods and packages while scanning to improve overall productivity.


Cordless Hand Scanner 7P Ruggedized

The Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7P Ruggedized will enable you to collect bar coded data without being tied to your mobile or desktop computer! This innovative device combines the power of laser bar code scanning with fuzzy logic and the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology in a single compact, lightweight device that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Secure Digital Scan Card 3E

The Secure Digital Scan Card (SDSC) 3E is a Series 3 Entry Level scanner that adds affordable bar code scanning to your Pocket PC or Palm device. Based on miniature Linear CMOS Imaging technology from Symbol Technologies, the SDSC 3E scans all popular linear bar code symbologies and uses only 57mA of power during scanning to maximize battery life.


CF RFID Reader Card 6E

Now add high frequency RFID capabilities to your mobile data collection application with Socket's CompactFlash RFID Reader Card. This product reads and writes to all ISO 15693 and many proprietary 13.56Mhz RFID tags being used or deployed for asset tracking, access control, process control, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.



CF Scan Card 5P

The CF Scan Card 5P will turn your Pocket PC into a high performance mobile bar code scanner. Socket's bar code scanning brings a new level of convenience and portability to mobile data collection by combining Socket's Mobility Friendly™ CompactFlash technology with a revolutionary laser scanner from Symbol Technologies. Just plug the card into your Windows Powered Pocket PC or XP Tablet, launch Socket's SocketScan™ keyboard emulation software, and read bar code data into any Windows program.

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LS3408 Series

Capture data accurately — even in the harshest conditions

The LS3408 Series of laser bar code scanners delivers excellent scanning quality combined with ergonomic yet rugged features to meet the demands of any industrial application. No matter where you use them — in the yard, warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant — the versatile LS3408 Series is tough enough for consistently reliable and accurate scanning, which means less downtime and fewer maintenance issues.

DS3400 Series

Accurately scan multiple bar code types with laser-like performance in a digital scanner

The DS3400 Series performs all the tasks required of an industrial-strength scanner, using digital imaging data capture technology instead of laser. The advantage of digital imaging technology is greater flexibility and accuracy through omni-directional scanning of multiple bar code types and its ability to read both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) codes quickly and accurately. The charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor provides superior data capture for any type of bar code you encounter in industrial applications — 1D, 2D, even damaged or poorly printed bar codes. And, the rugged housing ensures reliability in even the harshest environments.

Phaser Corded Scanners

Collect batch data and key in entries anywhere in your environment

To maximize return on investment, you need a single device able to collect both point-of-sale data while cabled and inventory information when in the warehouse. Symbol’s corded phaser bar code scanners display scanned records, speed data capture and enable batch data collection. The forward-scanning pistol grip is designed to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications, improving productivity in your operations at the point of sale, the warehouse or the factory floor.


Create a more productive mobile environment

When you need to add affordable scanning performance to your systems, choose the LS2208. This small, lightweight scanner will help you increase productivity at the retail point of sale and in the stockroom, allow you to efficiently manage medications and control inventory in medical facilities, or help you track assets and inventory. Whatever your application may be, the LS2208 offers a durable design to reduce downtime and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.


Accelerate throughput with productivity-enhancing features never before seen from a Symbol scanner

Designed to increase process efficiencies in scan-intensive operations, the LS4208 handheld bar code scanner speeds data capture by reading bar code information in one pass. It helps you increase productivity with a unique array of features not found in other available scanners, including an innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, wide working range and superior motion tolerance. With the LS4208, novice and advanced users alike will be able to rapidly and accurately scan all types of one-dimensional (1D) bar codes, including damaged symbols or stacked reduced space symbology (RSS) bar codes. As your productivity increases, you’ll require fewer resources to capture more data in less time.

DS6600 Series

Capture laser-like accuracy in a digital imaging device

You’ll be able to accurately capture one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes — and even images — with the DS6600 Series. The bar code scanners’ omni-directional functionality lets you read bar codes from any angle, increasing productivity, while their laser-generated aiming pattern delivers true point-and-shoot accuracy. With a wide working range, the DS6600 Series is ideal for retail, manufacturing and warehouse environments.


Tighten sales and inventory control for better service and higher profits

The LS9203 is a high-value, cost-effective omni-directional scanner designed for both hands-free and handheld scanning of bar codes in retail operations and institutional organizations requiring dependable data entry. By increasing the accuracy of transactions and tracking of inventory, while reducing the costs associated with scanner maintenance, training and operations, you enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operations. The ease of LS9203 deployment and durability combine to lower your total cost of ownership. The LS9203 is so intuitive, you need no formal training. And, its small form factor suits retail environments in which counter space is at a premium.


Satisfy customers by keeping checkout lines short

Keep checkout lines moving quickly with the LS7708. It offers next-generation technology to accelerate scanning and point-of-sale throughput, helping you improve customer satisfaction rates. Available for presentation or swipe scanning, the LS7708 features a secondary scanner port enabling you to connect a handheld scanner for scanning heavy or cumbersome items. It also has the most dense scan pattern of any mini-slot on the market for higher first-pass read rates.


Invest in the scanner able to help you meet current and future scanning needs

With the M2000, you’re able to decode existing, new and emerging bar codes with one device. It provides four different scan patterns, allowing your operators to easily switch to the one they need, depending on what they’re scanning. This enables you to use one device even in situations where there is a mix of data collection needs, such as in retail, healthcare, warehousing and shipping environments. Intuitive and easy to use, the scanner immediately switches from hands-free to handheld mode when you lift it off the counter, and automatically adjusts the scan pattern for optimum handheld data capture.

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MS331 CCD Scanner

The MS331 from Unitech delivers easy-to-use, reliable performance at an affordable price for bar code reading applications in retail, office automation, post office, healthcare, and many others in light industry.

Reliable Performance
Featuring a built-in long range CCD scan engine, the MS331 provides users with extra depth of field and a scanning width up to 18cm.

MS830 Laser Scanner

Sleek and lightweight, the MS830 withstands multiple 5-feet drops onto concrete floor, thanks to its surrounding rubber nose and bumper.
Its high speed scanning, low power consumption and effective depth of field, make the MS830 series suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, our powerful decoder allows data to be edited and formatted before it is sent to the host, which saves time and money by making software changes unecessary.

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